The Wedding
Music Specialists

The Wedding
Music Specialists

The Wedding Ceremony Music Specialists

The Wedding Ceremony Music Specialists

About Us

At Shiv Gopal Music, we specialise in Indian wedding music specifically created for the Hindu ceremony to help invoke a wide range of emotions, from enchanting & romantic, to the emotional & celebratory.

Complimenting The Ceremony

Be it the romantic bridal entrance, the magical garlanding, the emotional giving away ritual, we aim to complement each moment of the Indian Wedding ceremony with the right spectrum of music.

Our Wedding Ceremony Music

Our entire service and music collection is based around the Hindu ceremony in the mandap. Each ritual has music especially written and crafted in the studios to reinforce the meanings of these moments.

For us, it is a matter of pride that each and every element of the Hindu ceremony is musically enriched alongside all the traditional rituals and visual moments that take place in a colourful vibrant Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony.

Our Distinctive Wedding Ceremony Music

The Wedding Ceremony Music Specialists

Our Approach To Wedding Music

As an Indian Wedding Ceremony DJ service based in London, we use the incredible power of music to establish a special sense of occasion, to recall precious memories, to muster certain moods, and overall, to engage your guests. This process forms the very basis of our approach to music within a traditional Indian wedding ceremony.

Unique Wedding Music

With our passion for Indian wedding music, we are constantly in the recording studios writing & recording our very own Wedding songs with talented music composers and songwriters. These songs range from traditional styles to modern contemporary to soulful spiritual music.

Creating Rich Wedding Memories

Having our production music recording and writing allows us to play an ever-changing choice of unique Wedding songs and music alongside the ceremony as it unfolds be it in Gujarati or Hindi to help leave a rich wonderful memory for you and your guests.

Let our wedding ceremony music help create the right atmosphere, add attention to each of the rituals and compliment the Hindu Priest as he narrates the ceremony to help give your guests a truly engaging experience.

Silent Wedding Ceremony Music

Silent Ceremony Specialists

We specialise in music for this popular format of ceremonies where the focus is the Couple performing the rituals and the guests being fully engaged and undisturbed acting as witnesses. With our music approach, we can help heighten the atmosphere and help it make it more memorable.

The Hindu Priest

The Priest in a silent Hindu ceremony conducts the ceremony by chanting the sacred mantras and at the same time explains in a simple yet engaging manner, the meaning of these meaningful Vedic rituals in English, Hindi, or Gujarati. Please do contact for further information about the priests we work regularly with.

Synchronised Wedding Music

From the moment the Hindu priest opens the ceremony and welcomes the groom, our wedding DJ music is fully synchronised and integrated seamlessly with the priest to ensure each and every ceremonial moment in the mandap always has the right atmosphere of music alongside it.

We pride ourselves on knowing just what to play and when to play it. It isn't enough just to fill your Indian wedding ceremony with any music - Lets us create the perfect backdrop to your wedding day.

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